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  • Get Ready for 2020 OPEN Nationals!

    Hello Network! We have another Take 30 with the Network rapidly approaching! Please be sure to mark your calendar for this upcoming October 6th, 2020, 3:00 -3:30 PM ET.  

    Carrie Y. Hepburn-Brown and Matt Bond from OPEN, Inc. will present (the new and improved) OPEN Member Orientation. This presentation will include a shared understanding of OPEN, our approach to change, and an overview of the structures and resources available to OPEN members to promote collective action and impact systems change.  


    Jumpstart your 2020 OPEN Nationals experience by joining Carrie Y. Hepburn-Brown and Brittany Bunn on Tuesday, October 6th @ 3:30 PM ET immediately following the OPEN Member Orientation. This special Take 30 will be an opportunity to learn about Pathable, the virtual platform, and mobile app we will be using for the 2020 OPEN National Meeting, “Meeting the Moment, Changing the System!" 

    This three-day virtual gathering convenes some of the nation’s best leaders and decision-makers at the forefront of oral health progress and equity. Since its inception, OPEN has brought together a national network of individuals, organizations, and businesses focused on integrating oral health into a health care system that is equitable, accessible, and affordable for all. 


    To learn more and register for the 2020 OPEN National Meeting, please click here.  


    No advance registration is needed for either Take 30! To join, simply click HERE (URL link is the same for both Take 30’s) at the webcast start time. The presentations will be recorded and posted on OPEN Communities.​ 

  • 10/7-10/8: TNGIC and Oral Health Needs Index Dashboard and StoryMap

    Calling all GIS Users to join the Tennessee Geographic Information Council Fall Virtual Forum. Join us for this FREE and engaging two-day event, October 7-8, 2020.
    Critical Learning Systems, Inc., will be presenting the Oral Health Needs Index’s Dashboard and StoryMap as an interactive geographic visualization of demographic data, SDOH indicators, and community infrastructure (such as public transit). These visualizations are juxtaposed with dental provider locations as a tool for health professionals, policy makers, researchers, planners, or community organizations to understand the “where” of oral health needs and disparities. Amanda Couch, our Graduate Assistant will be presenting on our behalf.
    It's free and virtual--register HERE today!   

    TNGIC (Tennessee Geographic Information Council)
     was established in 1994 to improve the connection between various agencies working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Tennessee.


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